Wednesday 3 June 2009

St Ives Cornwall - St Andrews Street Bistro

St Ives Cornwall - St Andrews Street Bistro

We had a great meal this weekend at St Andrews Street Bistro.

I've always liked the atmosphere here - its relaxed and friendly.

So my first venture into restaurant reviewing in the style of AA Gill but without the long preamble.

The menu is short, focussed and a little bit different from what you'll find elsewhere in St Ives.

I had freshly made fishcakes to start - really tasty, plenty of fish not just the potato cake you get in some places and with a lovely simple lemon dressed green salad. Jo had the rillette of duck which she equally enjoyed.

For the main I had goat curry - not something you find on many menus here. Absolutely great - spicy but not too hot, with a hot salsa and a sweet chutney to balance the dish out. Jo had roasted pork belly - slow cooked to render out most of the fat, leaving a delicious and tender cut - she loved that as well.

Desserts were chocolate cheescake and lemon tart - which we couldn't quite finish we were so stuffed. Great meal, friendly service and reasonably priced.

The other good thing here is the space - a big light and airy room spread over two levels - formerly a pilchard works. Original and interesting art (for sale) on the walls and a nice feel that you don't get in many of the sterile, minimalist "white wall" places that have sprung up in St Ives recently. Check out the video above to get a feel for it.

Children are welcome and there is a separate menu for them.

The place is tucked away in St Andrews Street - walk down to St Ives Parish Church, then just turn right past the war memorial and parish rooms.

Reservations and more info:
01736 797074


  1. I had their pork belly and it was bee-yoo-tiful!

    A lovely stylish but welcoming restaurant. And I understand that the staff are extra cool, too.

  2. The staff are excellent - particularly the KP. Make sure when you pay your bill you leave a big tip. Also mention that the food was good but the KP'ing was excellent. Somebody's got to pay for that flight to Chicago!

  3. Many thanks for this little piece...was wondering where to go for a meal tomorrow night and I think you've just persuaded me!