Sunday 21 June 2009

September Festival Preview - Cinema

Anna May Wong Must Die! - Arts Club - Sunday 20th September

St Ives September Festival Preview - Films and Related Events

There are quite a few events on for movie lovers during the festival fortnight.

Anna May Wong Must Die!

Sunday 20th September at 19.00 - St Ives Arts Club.
Anna Chen presents a talk about the Chinese-American movie star, based on her BBC Radio 4 broadcast A Celestial Star in Picaddilly.
Lavishly illustrated with PowerPoint slides, enhanced with multimedia and the Anna May Wong Must Die! rap - this offers more entertainment than the average festival talk.
Tickets £6.00

More info on Anna's Blog.

There will be a short season of black and white movies - also at St Ives Arts Club.
A chance to see some real classics rarely shown on the big screen.

Monday 14th September at 19.30.
On the Waterfront.
Director Eliz Kazan (1954).
Starring Marlon Brando, Karl Malden, Lee J. Cobb and Rod Steiger.
An ex-prize fighter turned longshoreman struggles to stand up to his corrupt union bosses.
Tickets: £5.00

Saturday 19th September at 19.30.
Director Michael Curtiz (1942).
Starring Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman.
Set in unoccupied Africa during the early days of World War II, an American expatriate meets a former lover, with unforeseen complications.
Tickets: £5.00

Monday 21st Septembera at 19.30.
Some Like it Hot.
Director Billy Wilder (1959).
Starring Marilyn Monroe, Tony Curtis and Jack Lemon.
When two musicians witness a mob hit, they flee the state in an all female band disguised as women, but further complications set in.
Tickets: £5.00

Friday 25th September at 20.00.
Director F W Murnau (1927).
Silent movie with musical accompaniment from Wurlitza.
In this fable-morality subtitled "A Song of Two Humans", the "evil" temptress is a city woman who bewitches farmer Anses and convinces him to murder his neglected wife, Indre. After Anses comes to his senses - just as he is about to kill Indre - the married couple renew their love in the city.
Tickets: £8.00

Penwith Film Society will be presenting their regular programme of art house and foreign language films at The Royal Cinema on Tuesday and Wednesday nights - details to follow when confirmed.

The Royal will also have their usual programme of mainstream movie releases.

Tickets for Anna May Wong Must Die! are available from the festival box office at St Ives Guildhall:01736 798577 or call me on 01736 797122.

Tickets for Black and White Movies are also available from the festival box office at St Ives Guildhall: 01736 798577

Tickets for Penwith Film Society and other movies will be on sale from the cinema box office in Royal Square: 01736 796843

More details of Festival events are on my website:

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