Friday 5 June 2009

Council Election - Greens Almost Win

St Ives Cornwall - Election Results 2009

Results from yesterdays Cornwall Council vote for St Ives North have just been announced.

Green Party candidate Tim Andrewes came within a whisker of winning the seat - just 2% behind Tory winner Joan Tanner.

Disappointing but still an amazing result for Tim and the Greens in my view.

Sitting councillor - Liberal Democrat Andrew Mitchell - got just 17% of the vote. A resounding verdict on the "One Cornwall" project and the fact that these "democrats" didn't see fit to allow us a vote on the issue. Well we've voted now.

A decent vote for Independent Mark Noall - only 2% behind Mitchell.

NuLabour were pretty much wiped out, finishing in last place well behind UKIP.

Full results- source Cornwall Council website:
  • Joan Tanner - Conservative - 378 votes - 28%
  • Tim Andrewes - Green Party - 354 votes - 26%
  • Andrew Mitchell - Liberal Democrat - 235 votes - 17%
  • Mark Noall - Independent - 203 votes - 15%
  • William Guppy - UKIP - 157 - Votes - 11%
  • Matt Hurst - Labour - 45 votes - 3%
Another Tory win in St Ives South, with Greens again in a solid second place, but not quite as close:
  • Joan Symons - Conservative - 536 votes - 42%
  • Ron Tulley - Green Party - 336 votes - 26%
  • Richard Ryan - Liberal Democrat - 183 votes - 14%
  • Paul Jackson - UKIP- 147 votes - 12%
  • Timothy Pullen - Labour - 75 votes - 6%
Cardboard Bay also went to the Tories - but that's normal for "God's Waiting Room" constituencies anyway.

The overall result for Cornwall looks like a hung council with the Tories the largest party.

Full results for the county are here:
Cornwall Council - Election Results

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  1. Well done, Greens. So near ...

    Trouble is, Blair brought in a load of career politicians, completely destroying what Labour was supposed to represent: labour against the predations of capital.

    They have no sense of public service and all appear to be copying the Blairs' vulgar scramble for personal enrichment. The Tories are no better.

  2. Tell me a mainstream politician that is not in it other than for a career in deciding what other people should have or do. Their lives are based on theory with no real experience.

    Then of course Brown's response is Alan Sugar - the rude face of business - no doubt next will be Ann Robinson as minister of manners - and maybe Bill Turnbull as minister for Bees !!!!
    Wonder if the Pearn voted onto the council is a relative as my grandmother was Pearn and my Aunt married one