Tuesday 29 September 2009

Woolworths - St Ives Cornwall

Woolworths - Fore Street - St Ives Cornwall

An update on what is happening to poor old Woollies in St Ives.

I know from my Google Analytics that a lot of people are interested.

The answer is - absolutely nothing.

It still stands sadly derelict on Fore Street - a scene that I guess is repeated on many small town High Streets.

Rumours over the past months have included occupation by:
  • Stringfellows Lap Dancing Club.
  • Tesco Metro.
  • Anns Cottage Surf Shop.
  • Gordon Ramsay.
  • Rick Stein
My hope is that one of my favourite shops - Tins and Things - embarks on a massive expansion drive and takes on the lease.

Or maybe turn over the whole place to the local kids as a brilliant indoor skateboard park.

For now the place remains sadly empty.


  1. Tesco?!!! Oh, yeah. That'll be good for Fore Street Deli just opposite.

    Stringfellows? Only if it's ready for the bricking the locals will undoubtedly give it (inbetween visits).

    I guess it's surf shops or restaurants with luxury flats above. I know, how about another gallery? Arf!

  2. How about a wonderful indoor market - with locally made produce - a relaxed and healthy-food eating and meeting place - with a sofa and internet hub for young people too (am I describing a Community Centre maybe........) something that creates a heart down there <3

  3. Happy New Year all! A local indoor market would be great for locals and for tourists. It would give new small businesses a chance to sell their goods at a great location for a reasonable rent. The market could offer the goods that Woolies used to sell - which would save us all a trip to PZ and also speciality foods, crafts, music, etc. Does sound a bit community centre-ish and that's a good thing!
    Alright, who's ready to put their money where their mouth is??????