Wednesday 2 September 2009

St Ives Cornwall Webcams

View Over St Ives Bay Towards Godrevy

A quick update on webcams in St Ives - as I know these are very popular.

St Ives Coastwatch have three cameras located on The Island with great views over St Ives Bay. These are the best to view if you want to see what the weather is doing or just enjoy the views.
St Ives Coastwatch Webcams

The Sloop Inn has good quality cameras overlooking St Ives Harbour and Porthmeor Beach. These seem to work well at night as well. The best to view if you want to see the state of the surf or what is going on around the harbour.

Chy-an-Albany Hotel has a camera offering a good view of St Ives Harbour.

The Regent Hotel also has a camera overlooking the harbour from slightly lower down.

The St Eia Hotel has a cam with a view of Porthminster Beach.

If you want to take a look at what's going on at Carbis Bay there is a camera overlooking the beach.

Headland House has a view of St Ives from Carbis Bay.

Enjoy the views !


  1. Excellent post, have you tried controlling the camera on the sloop? It is like my and my dog, the instructions lose something on the way.

  2. That was a very nice thing they did w/ St Ives Harbour, now I can take a perfect picture of the place. Truth is, I haven't been there yet and I'm actually planning to visit the place. I had visit a place somewhat the same as St Ives but there is no camera around the place. It's actually located in the Philippines, it's a light house. The scene is really spectacular most speciallly the harbour. I hope that this visit will be an unforgetable tour in St. Ives.