Thursday 10 September 2009

Sunny Day in St Ives !!

St Ives Cornwall - Thursday 10th September 2009

At last ..... the sunshine has returned to St Ives.

Woke up to a beautiful sunny morning.

According to the Met. Office its going to stay that way for a few days:

I'm looking forward to the weekend and the start of:

Hope you have a great weekend as well.


  1. Just keep off the beach if you have alcohol tendencies

  2. Reading your blog, Steve you seem to be both a fan of the festival and a critic of it. Make your mind up :)

  3. Hi "Anonymous".

    I'm a fan of Iron Maiden and Birmingham City - fandom is something that applies to bands, football teams and the like.

    If the festival and committee are intent on building a fan base - good luck - that's a first!

    BTW. I'm posting openly - all of you anonymous posters are invited to emerge from the shadows and join the blog :-)