Sunday 6 September 2009

Romeo and Juliet - Caption Competition

Romeo and Juliet - The Nurse

Win yourself a pair of tickets for Romeo and Juliet on The Island in St Ives.

A fantastic open air performance by St Ives Community Play.

Your choice of date:
Wednesday 16th September - Saturday 19th September 2009.

Send in your caption for the picture above.
I will judge the best with director Sarah Lincoln.

Add it as a comment below or email to:

Closing date is Saturday 12th September 2009.
We will notify the winner and publish their caption here shortly after that.

If you want to buy tickets they are available from St Ives Tourist Information and from St Ives Theatre Box Office.
£6.00 - under 7s free.


  1. Jo can only be saying "please, please let the sloop toilets be open!!!"

  2. Jane Searby Bates7 September 2009 at 13:22

    Juliet !!! .... Do stop fussing over Romeo, and come and play with me! Look ! ..... I've transformed myself into an exciting board game for you!

  3. this wasn't quite what i had in mind when i agreed to play Doctors and Nurses ??

  4. don said in reply to caption

    " doctor! doctor! I think the laxatives are working too quickly!

    or= will someone kindly take this rubic cube off my neck!

  5. 'Where for art thou Master Mondrian?'

  6. Have you seen any locals leaving broken bottles on the beach?

  7. Please gimme my crayons back. I promise not to colour outside the lines.

  8. One more weight and that cheesewire'll slice right through.

  9. If you don't come down from that balcony now young'll catch your death of cold!