Monday 8 February 2010

St Ives Cornwall - Feast Day - The Silver Ball

St Ives Feast - Hurling of the Silver Ball

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Today is St Ives Feast Day - commemorating the consecration of the Parish Church of St Eia in 1434.

Following an ancient tradition - at 10.30 am the mayor hurls the Silver Ball from the wall of the church down to the beach.

Local children then fight over it through town. Whoever returns it to the mayor on the steps of St Ives Guildhall on the stroke of midday receives a silver coin.

In this video you can see one of the local kids getting hold of the ball and then diving into the sea to get away. The others then stream off to intercept him on the other side of the harbour. Then another kid dives into the sea in pursuit !

St Ives Cornwall - Hurling of the Silver Ball

Other traditions include a meeting of The Western Hunt to to take a stirrup cup from the mayor and the distribution of pennies to local children at The Guildhall. More vidoes showing those coming soon.

My friends Alban Roinard and Sarah Lincoln were also there - respectively filming and photographing. Sarah took the picture above. Hopefully I'll be able to publish some more of their images soon as well.