Wednesday 18 November 2009

St Ives Community Play - 2010

Juliet and Nurse in Rehearsal - Summer 2009

I went to a meeting of St Ives Community Play last week. The main topic of discussion was this years production of Romeo and Juliet - performed on The Island in August and September.

The general conclusion was that it was great - but there are areas of improvement for next year.

If you have any feedback it would be most welcome.

There was also some discussion about next years production - which looks certain to go ahead, probably outdoors on The Island again in August and September.

The play is yet to be decided - other than it will be Shakespeare. My guess is that it will be one of the comedies - fun for the cast to perform and for the audience.

The company genuinely aims to be fully inclusive and wants as many local volunteers as possible. Everybody who takes part is guaranteed a role - either onstage or offstage. Last years company found the experience fun, rewarding and fulfilling.

So - one reason for this post is to make people aware that:
St Ives Community Play needs you !

Whatever your skills or abilities you are welcome.

Get in touch via the website:

St Ives Community Play

More details about next year will be posted in due course.

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