Friday 6 November 2009

St Ives Cornwall - Blogs

Blog - Love Stitching Red - Carolyn Saxby

I thought I'd feature a few other St Ives blogs that are well worth a look.

Love Stitching Red is by textile artist Carolyn Saxby. Her blog is full of wonderful images of her work, wildlife, nature and other things that inspire her work.

St Ives Lizzy is new to the St Ives blogosphere. Her main preoccupation so far seems to be The X-Factor. But Liz always has plenty to say in the "real world" of St Ives so no doubt there will be lots more on the blog. Worth watching.

Sea Blue Sky and Abstracts is by St Ives artist Lesley Ninnes. She writes really well about her work and life in St Ives, illustrated with some great pictures.

Art Space Gallery (Lesley is a member) have a nice blog featuring members work, latest exhibitions and news about the gallery.

Photos and Philosophy is by Jacob ross Bodilly and the main focus is on photography. Some great photos of scenes in St Ives - very different from the usual pics of the bay and the harbour found on other blogs (like mine !). Also lots of photos taken elsewhere.

Given that St Ives is such a hotbed of creative activity I'm surprised that there aren't more local blogs.

Let me know if I've missed any - and think about starting your own, its great fun.


  1. Thanks Steve - blogging is addictive, don't you think? And what about Twitter? Haven't ventured there, yet! Bye for now. Lesley

  2. Thanks Lesley. Yes - Twitter is also addictive, you should try it. Lots of St Ives people on there.

  3. Steve, thanks so much for the mention. I will have to check out some of the other blogs. I twitter too, so will check out St. Ives twitterers as well

    Carolyn :o)

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