Thursday 5 February 2009

St Ives Cornwall - Posters - Woolworths

Somebody has been out around town putting up posters.

Good luck to them.

Thanks Gordon.

Royal Bank of Scotland, rescued with £20 billion of public (our) money.

Planning large bonuses for thousands of its City traders and senior bankers.

The proposed payments are expected to reach tens of millions of pounds — possibly hundreds of millions — with some star bankers in line for six-figure payouts.

Source: Times Online 5th February 2009

Woolworths Staff.
Bonuses: £0.00
Jobs: None

Isn’t it time to start getting angry ?


  1. More from The Times:
    "Some bonuses among the 20,000 bankers in GBM are regarded as unavoidable either because of guarantees given in the past or to retain individuals who have generated significant profits in their areas. Without big bonuses, they could defect."

    So let them "defect" - where to ?

    My two daughters work for the minimum wage - or just above - about 5 quid per hour. No bonuses. Isn't nu-labour socialism wonderful.

  2. Postscript:

    Stampede by banks to beat bonus crackdown.
    Banks dependent on taxpayer support are planning to rush out hundreds of millions of pounds in bonuses to senior bankers and traders before a threatened crackdown ....

  3. You are right to highlight the progressive erosion of civil liberties of recent years. St Ives is a prime example of a creative and diverse community in danger of becoming a faceless residential complex that crushes individuality and community wellbeing.
    Let's bring about small government (minimal interference)and free local strong communities.

    Derek Thomas Conservative Prospective Candidate

  4. Not sure if I fully agree with Derek's comment - but at least you replied unlike the LibDems or NuLabour. Please tell us more about your specific policies about the smoking ban and nanny state. Cheers. Steve.

  5. The government handed over billions of public money without imposing conditions to protect it. Now those bankers are paying their bonuses out of it. As Brecht asked, who is the bigger criminal, the banker or the bank robber?

    As for the Tories, Margaret Thatcher helped start this when she and Reagan deregulated everything in sight ("minimal interference"), enabling big business to loot everything that wasn't nailed down.

    "Minimal interference". Another term for allowing the strong to rip off the weak.