Wednesday 11 February 2009

Eden Project - Celefest 2009

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Just had a great day out at The Eden Project.

We went to see Celfest 2009 - a celebration of the achievements of the young people of Cornwall. My daughter was performing with her circus group Clownin' Around.

There was a huge range of stuff going on including circus, theatre, dance, skateboarding, boxing, graffiti art and dry land surfing.

There was a live music stage with a state of the art PA, mixing desk and lighting rig - not the usual rubbish that young bands often have to put up with.

It was pretty clear that this was community led and organised by and for the kids, with things they really enjoyed doing. There was a smatterring of CCC Yoof Workers - but they were on the sidelines and mostly reduced to glowering at those of us sneaking a crafty fag outside the biomes.

Much credit to the many adults who give their time freely to help young people to do things that they enjoy.

Eden always inspires me. We joined as members for a year and get free entry. If you want to do the same go to their web site:

Eden Project Website

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