Tuesday 3 February 2009

St Ives Cornwall - Goodbye Woolworths 3

Some small pleasures that you can no longer enjoy legally in St Ives:

A pint and a fag in the pub
(ok you can have the pint - but PLEASE enjoy responsibly!).
A glass of wine on a warm summer evening outside the theatre.
Sitting round a campfire on Porthmeor Beach.
Lazing on the grass in the sub-tropical gardens.
Playing footie with the kids in the sub-tropical gardens.
Pick 'n Mix (not yet actually illegal but its only a matter of time).

No Smoking!

No Drinking!

No Fires!

Keep Off!

No Ball Games!

No Woollies!

What Next! (picture courtesy of The Bridlington Penguin)


  1. Having reviewed the wording on the sign - under Bridlington Council rules - presumably:

    Shagging or dogging is permitted as long as it does not involve use of a vehicle and you have displayed a ticket.

    Shagging or dogging is permitted in other Bridlington parking areas.

    The ticket machine has been programmed to offer the following:
    Parking 1 hour £1.00
    Parking 2 hours £2.00
    Shagging £3.50
    Dogging £5.00

  2. Shagging £3.50
    Dogging £5.00