Sunday 2 December 2012

Christmas Gifts - Shop Local and Buy Local

Hand-made Christmas Card - Jo McIntosh - Knit One Weave One
St Ives Crafts -Shop Local - Buy Local

If you're looking for Christmas gifts in St Ives you have lots of choices and a great range of local shops.

But - its worth bearing in mind that something labelled as A Gift From St Ives or Cornwall may not be all that it seems.

Many of these gifts may be from further afield - often much further !

It's great to support local businesses - where possible - by shopping in town. But you can increase the benefits even further by buying goods that are also made locally. Or - as a good alternative - Fairtrade items that will benefit craft makers elsewhere.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with cheap foreign made tat manufactured gifts from around the world. They generally offer good value and quality. But if you want some of the lovely work made by local Cornish craftspeople - or genuine Fairtrade goods - you need to take a little care. If in doubt - always ask in the shop or check the label carefully.

Shop Local AND Buy Local.

Here are some "local hero" shops - on the ground in St Ives and online - where you can be sure to get genuine Cornish or Fairtrade gifts.

High quality craftwork from around Cornwall - Market Place:
Crowan Crafts

Artisan chocolate hand-made in St Ives - Fore Street:
I Should Coco

Beautiful felt and quilting - hand-made by owners Heidi and Norma - Fore Street:
Kuiama Crafts

Lovingly hand-made felt bags, silk scarves and more - Krowji and Online:
Knit One Weave One

Stunning textile art, cards and prints from St Ives - Online:
Carolyn Saxby

Fantastic range of books about Cornwall and by local authors - Tregenna Place:
Harbour Bookshop

Highly original paintings and jewellery - Bullans Terace:
Sally MacCabe Studio Gallery

Unique individually hand-made crafts inspired by St Ives - Back Road West:
St Ives Arts and Crafts

More soon for Christmas - St Ives and Cornish food and drink.

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