Friday 30 July 2010

St Ives Cornwall - Gardening Competition

Sheaf Of Wheat - Winner - Best Pub Garden - St Ives Cornwall

St Ives Town Council have announced winners in the various categories for the St Ives Gardening competition.

Some of the winners are:
  • Best Garden St Ives - Hilary Harvey, Offerton, Higher Stennack.
  • Best Pub or Restaurant - The Sheaf Of Wheat.
  • Best Hotel - Carbis Bay Hotel.
  • Best Guesthouse - Godolphin.
  • Best Imaginative / Unusual - Diane Sullivan, Umulfa Place.
  • Special Award - Penameyne Court Community Garden.
Finally - I won Best Vegetable Garden !

A full list is this week's St Ives Times & Echo.

All entrants will be invited to a Presentation Evening at The Guildhall in October.


  1. Well done! That is a fab garden you have. Hope the chickens are still safe from the fox. Er, how is the fox, btw? :-)

  2. Thanks Anna. Still have 2 chickens - they now roost in a safer location up in next doors garden.
    Haven't seen the fox for a while - but its still about. Just discovered that one of our neighbours is feeding the thing every night ! Not happy.

  3. Thanks Gilly.

    Three Sisters is doing well, beans and squash are growing like mad, but some of the corn is a bit behind.

    Two Sisters - pumpkins growing leaves well and flowering, but not fruiting yet. French beans struggling a bit.

    Come along anytime to see.

  4. Congratulations on the award Steve. That's great news and a spur on for next year's competition