Sunday 18 July 2010

St Ives Cornwall Blogs

I was really pleased (to say the least !) to see this blog featured as Blog of the Week in The Cornishman this Thursday

The column is on page 50 if you want to take a look:
'This site is close to becoming a must-visit destination for anybody looking to fill time in St Ives ...... definitely worth a visit for locals and anybody planning a visit.'

The newspaper invites nominations for the column - so in this post I'm featuring some other good local blogs. Not sure who nominated me - whoever did thanks !

Gillys Days is a diary blog by Gill Cooke - 'An everyday blog of the incredible life of an ordinary person in St Ives, Cornwall'. Some interesting posts about goings-on in town and the local area, nice graphics and an interesting blog list. I particularly enjoyed visiting The Village Idiot's Blog.

Sea Blue Sky Abstracts is by artist Lesley Ninnes and features her work and some great photographs. Winner of a Beautiful Blogger award.

Knit Weave Felt features textile art by Jo McIntosh - and yes ok I am biased because I'm married to her - but its definitely worth a visit ! Lots of interesting textile related posts and images, plus the latest news on Jo's textile art workshops in St Ives.

Love Stitching Red is another blog themed around textile art, written by one of St Ives' most prolific bloggers Carolyn Saxby. One of the many great features of this blog is the wonderful photos of Carolyn's work and the things that inspire it.

Photos and Philosophy is a mostly photographic blog with work by Jacob Ross Bodilly. Photography as art.

If I've missed out your blog or you know of any others worth mentioning please let me know in the Comments.

If you'd like to suggest any of these blogs, or any other, send an email to: The Cornishman- Blog Review


  1. Well done Steve - you're doing a great job! Best wishes, Lesley

  2. Always enjoy reading your blog..congratulations! All the best. Jacob

  3. Thank you Steve and congratulations to Lesley :o)