Tuesday 20 July 2010

St Ives Cornwall - Allotments

 St Ives Cornwall - Allotments at Trowan

It seems that at long last the planned allotments for St Ives are to be opened this summer.

I'm lucky enough to have a decent sized garden - but I know that many others have been on the allotment waiting list for ages and can't wait to get growing.

According to a press release issued by St Ives Town Council:
'Interested parties attended last Thursday’s town council meeting ...... the outcome of the meeting was a decision for the town council to establish allotments at the site at Trowan. Despite having missed the best of this years growing season, there should still be the potential for some winter crops and time to enable plots to be prepared for the spring ...... those on the allotments waiting list who have expressed an interest in a plot at Trowan will be contacted in due course.'

For more information contact St Ives Town Clerk - Louise Dowe:
01736 797 840


  1. Really good news for all those who have been waiting so long. How many plots are there likely to be Steve, do you know?

  2. Not sure how many plots - I think the planned number was reduced to allow for local concerns. Probably best to contact Louise at The Guildhall.