Thursday 10 June 2010

St Ives Jumbo - Launch Day

This Saturday (12th June) St Ives Jumbo Association will be launching their second ‘jumbo’.

Timed to coincide with Regatta Day, it will mark the culmination of 2 years of fundraising and, most significantly, the launch of the Jumbo Class – a new racing class of Victorian fishing boats that were unique to St.Ives.

Racing Jumbos will be a dynamic means of celebrating the town’s heritage that we hope will encourage younger people in particular to engage with the sea and each other whilst developing self-esteem and a sense of pride in the community. says Jonny Nance, spokesman for the Association.

A launch, always a big event in any community, will be a celebration of old St.Ives. During the ceremony, which begins at 2.30pm at the old slipway by The Sloop Inn, the new boat will be named ‘William Paynter’ as a tribute to the renowned St.Ives boatbuilder who designed today’s reincarnation back in the mid 1880’s.

The event will include contributions from St.Ives born Janette Eathorne and Mick Paynter (the Grand Bard of the Cornish Gorseth and descendant of William Paynter) and conclude with the customary saffron buns and ‘a dish o’ tay’.

The ‘William Paynter’ is expected to be afloat by 5.00 pm when, together with her sister ’Celeste’, she will sail out to into the bay to join the pilchard lugger Dolly Pentreath.

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