Tuesday 15 June 2010

Secret Gardens Of St Ives

Secret Gardens Of St Ives - June 2010
Secret Gardens Of St Ives - June 2010

A big thank you to everybody who came to visit my garden (and the other secret gardens in St Ives) over the weekend.

I didn't keep an exact count but I reckon that I had more than 150 visitors over Saturday and Sunday. I also enjoyed all the chats I had with people and the nice comments. Good to meet some of my blog readers as well.

If you want to come back to see how things are progressing over the seasons you are welcome - just get in touch. The same applies if you were unable to make it over the weekend. Bring a treat for the chickens if you want (sardines. cooked rice, bread, biscuits).

A big thank you to Colin Sanger (who took the photo above) for organising the event.

I'm looking forward to participating again next year.


  1. Thanks so much Gill - got the Green Cone. Reading the instruction book now - plan to get it installed tomorrow. Come back to see the garden anytime. Cheers. Steve.

  2. Hi Gill. Cone now installed. The hard bit was digging a big hole to put the composting basket in ! Otherwise easy. Thanks again.