Wednesday 6 January 2010

New Years Eve 2009 - Video

New Years Eve 2009 - St Ives Cornwall

Take a look at this great film of the New Years Eve festivities in St Ives - by local filmmaker Alban Roinard of Eia Films.

It really captures the spirit of the night in town.

You could also take a look at a nice collection of still photos from the night by:
Rodga Harvey

I had a great evening - partly spent around town and partly in front of the log fire at home.

A Happy New Year to all of my blog readers.


  1. Have really enjoyed this film as I didn't get out on New Year's Eve - love the costumes and humour. Rodga Harvey's photography is great too. Best wishes. Lesley

  2. Great stuff. Really enjoyed watching this from London. Just like being there.