Monday 31 August 2009

St Ives September Festival

Charles Shaar Murray and Buffalo Bill Smith

Don't forget to check out my other blog:

St Ives September Festival - 100% Unofficial

It features previews , latest news and general stuff of interest.

During the festival fortnight myself and friends such as Anna Chen are planning to post daily updates including news, reviews and anything else of interest. Lots of video, photos, interviews with performers - we want to make it multimedia and interactive.

If you'd like to be featured let us know.

The "official" festival website is functional and does feature listings for most events. Check it out if you want straightforward information about dates, times, tickets etc. To be fair it features more comprehensive listings than this blog. But you won't find much by the way of images, media, links or interactivity. Its ok but could be a lot better:

We're hoping to make the blog as interactive, media rich and informative as possible.

Before the festival we'll be featuring a series of previews:

Some of the posts so far:

Please get in touch if you have any ideas or comments.

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