Wednesday 12 August 2009

Romeo and Juliet - St Ives Community Play

Capulets and Montagues clash on the streets of Verona

The St Ives Community Play production of Romeo and Juliet opens next Wednesday (19th August) on The Island and runs until Saturday (22nd).

It moves to The Plen in St Just for one night on Sunday (23rd).

It is then back during St Ives September Festival from Wednesday 16th - Saturday 19th September.

Last night I was on set at rehearsal and filmed a run through of the opening scene - a huge fight on the streets of Verona between the Capulets and the Montagues.

This is going to be a spectacular production - the set is quite something and is being assembled inside The Island Centre - I also got a preview of that last night. The costumes look amazing - with contrasting designs for the two Houses so you'll instantly recognise who belongs to each. There will be live accompaniment from St Ives Choir with original music written for the show.

Take a rug, chairs, picnic, bottle of wine and enjoy a great evening - there is plenty of space to spread out on The Island and get a good view.

Tickets are available now - £6.00 (under 7s free).
St Ives Theatre Box Office - 01736 797007.
St Ives Tourist Information - 01736 798577.
Also on the gate every night - £7.50 (under 7s free).

Production: Rough Coast
Director: Sarah Lincoln
Combat Director: Dick Smith

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