Thursday 12 December 2013

St Ives Business Improvement District (BID)

St Ives BID
St Ives BID

St Ives BID is a proposal to raise money from a compulsory 2% business rates levy - to be paid by all businesses with a rateable value of £5000 or more.

The money raised will then be spent on a series of projects - scheduled over 5 years - that aim to improve the business environment in town. This is estimated at £150,000 per year.

A good idea ? Opinions in town vary - but all businesses affected will get a chance to vote for or against the proposal in May 2014. The proposal will only proceed if the majority vote in favour.

So the important thing is to be informed and make use of your vote - if you have one - next year.

More information on:
St Ives BID - Official Website

A chance to have your say on a Facebook page - set up by an independent group of local businesses - some of whom clearly have concerns:
The BID Debate - St Ives

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