Saturday 21 January 2012

St Ives - What's On This Weekend

St Ives School Of Painting

As ever lots happening in St Ives this weekend. Here is a selection.

Today (Saturday 21st January 2012) :
Tomorrow (Sunday 22nd January 2012) :
I've noticed a few posts and comments around The Net that seem to indicate that some people think that St Ives is pretty much shut down for the winter. In case you're thinking of visiting - the town is very much alive ! All of the pubs and most of the restaurants are open - and there is loads going on.

More than 50 events are listed for the next week alone on:

Also - looking ahead - there are already many events scheduled for:
St Ives September Festival

Have a great week in St Ives or wherever you are . More local news here soon.

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