Thursday 3 February 2011

St Ives Feast

St Ives Feast Day - St Ives TV

This Monday - 7th February - is St Ives Feast Day.

A number of old traditions are observed - here is a schedule of events:

09.30 am - Mayoral Procession - Venton Ia Well.
10.30 am - Hurling of the Silver Ball - St Ives Parish Church.
10.30 am - Coffee Morning - St Ives Guildhall Community Room.
11.00 am - Western Hunt Meet  - Royal Square.
12.00 pm - Return of the Silver Ball - St Ives Guildhall.
12.15 pm - Distribution of Pennies - St Ives Guildhall.
19.30 pm - Feast Monday Rugby Match - St Ives RFC.

I always look forward to Feast Day. For me it marks another milestone in the St Ives year, some traditions unique to our town and the coming end of Winter.

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