Friday 14 January 2011

St Ives Tourist Information Centre

St Ives Cornwall - Tourist Information

A story in The Cornishman this week reports "St Ives Tourist Information Centre Saved By Councillors".

I've heard from two separate and reliable sources that this is somewhat premature and that nothing has been finally settled as yet.

As reported previously - Cornwall Council have withdrawn all funding from the centre from March 2011 - due to a shortage of funds.

A statement from St Ives Town Council today said:
"The town council are working to take positive action with regard to provision of a tourist information service, but this is subject to further negotiation."

A working group has been set up including representatives of St Ives Town Council, Chamber of Commerce and Hotel & Guesthouse Association. They've been working hard for the last few weeks to resolve the situation and come up with a solution - despite many stumbling blocks.

More definite news is expected soon.

Also - good to see that, despite the cutbacks, Cornwall Council still has enough of our money to fund vital front line services - such as a Business Change Manager (salary up to £51k) to "deliver a programme of change that will promote a performance led culture ...... a chance to play a leading role in the transformation of our services as we seek to develop opportunities for the delivery of our services to public bodies across the South West"

So we can look forward to further service enhancements from the Most Improved Council of The Year - things can only get better.

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