Monday, 5 April 2010

St Ives Fishermen's Co-operative

St Ives Fishermen's Co-op - The Wharf St Ives Cornwall
St Ives Fishermen's Co-op - The Wharf

St Ives Fishermen's Co-op have a shop on The Wharf selling a range of outdoor clothing and equipment.

As far as I know they are also the only place in St Ives selling equipment for anglers - rods, hooks, lines, bait and so forth.

The Co-op was founded way back in 1920 so must be one of St Ives longest established shops. It is still run as a genuine co-operative owned by its members.

I've just completed a new website for them which has more information about what they do and their history:

St Ives Fishermen's Co-op Website

Take a look to find out more.


  1. Good old Fishermen's Co-op - and a nice photo too, Steve. Like the website as well. Best wishes, Lesley

  2. There's that new place on Tregenna Hill - Gone Fishing! I don't suppose it's a patch on the Fishermen's Co-op, but it is another place selling fishing gear.