Monday 22 March 2010

St Ives On Google Maps - Street View

St Ives Cornwall - Street View - Virtual Tour

St Ives is now included in the "Street View" version of Google Maps.

This gives you a "virtual tour" of town.

Click on the image above and then use the arrows to take a stroll along The Wharf to The Sloop, then back along Fore Street - or wherever you want to go.

I've also added this to my OneStIves Website and I'm planning to add more locations around town:

Virtual Tour of St Ives Cornwall


  1. IT'S BRILLIANT!!! A complete cheek and an invasion of our privacy but brilliant. Just like the real thing.

  2. Google Street View is brilliant, amazing how quick they are covering the UK

  3. i find it amazing they got Fore Street so quiet and the sun appears to be up quite high from teh way the sunlight is seen at the end near the church??