Tuesday 23 March 2010

Goings On At The Malakoff

Gordon Ramsay Opens At The Malakoff St Ives
Gordon Ramsay To Open At The Malakoff St Ives ?

What looked like a major operation was underway today at The Malakoff (h/t to Tim Andrewes for the tipoff).

This involved a crane, a large crew the and installation of what looked like some extremely expensive windows in the space under the Bus Station.

Unless St Ives Town Council have finally got "convergence" funding for a luxury skateboard park for the kids - could this presage the long rumoured arrival of Gordon Ramsay in St Ives ?

If so - in my opinion - that's great news. It won't do any harm at all to our better restaurants such as The Mermaid, The Loft and SFC. While maybe giving a well needed wake up call to some of our more overpriced, unfriendly and pretentious eating establishments. One of which I visited today - and by the way - smoking outdoors is not yet illegal and in future I'll spend my money elsewhere thanks very much.

Interestingly - yesterday I received an email from One Potato, producers of The F Word, asking about possible nominations from St Ives for 'Ramsay’s Best Restaurant'. More on that tomorrow.

Meanwhile - Gordon if you're thinking of moving into St Ives you're welcome. Also feel free to join us, in between shifts, at The Ferrets or The Sheaf for the Saturday / Sunday afternoon football ! Looking forward to some great food at the restaurant as well.

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