Thursday 28 May 2009

Steeple Woodland Nature Reserve

Steeple Woodland - Video by Eia Films

St Ives Cornwall - Steeple Woodland Nature Reserve

The Reserve is a 40-acre public open space around Knill's Monument, above St Ives. Visitors can explore the woods, stroll over heathland and discover areas planted with young trees.

There are remnants of local mining history and spectacular views across St Ives Bay.

This is a community venture supported by many local volunteers who regulalrly work on the site.

They meet every Sunday afternoon, 2.00 - 4.00.

Current activities include clearing remaining rhododendron from Steeple Woods, weeding rhododendron seedlings on the remainder of the site, looking after newly planted trees (e.g. trampling bracken around saplings), replacing any damaged or missing tree guards and path clearance.

The contact for attending is John Mudge - call 01736 798252 if you'd like to help.
Volunteers meet by the notice board on the five bar gate, 3/4 way up Steeple Lane on the left.

Also a really nice place to visit and take a picnic - and in the summer somewhere to get away from the crowded streets and beaches of St Ives.

There is more information on their website - including a map.

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  1. Really enjoyed the film, it's good to see the progress made at the Steeple, after all the hard work and dedication of those involved. BFN. Lesley