Friday 1 May 2009

Birmingham City Supporters Club - Cornwall

Birmingham City Supporters Club - Cornwall

A few years ago I ran the official Blues supporters club in Cornwall, until pressure of work meant that I didn't have the time.

With Blues promotion to the Premiership imminent I've decided to revive it, although in a simpler form than before.

Not sure where to meet in St Ives yet. I was going to suggest The Sheaf Of Wheat - but they've just decided to show the Liverpool game on Sunday (3rd May) rather than Reading v Blues, on the basis that they'll get more Scousers in than Blues. Same issue will arise next season if there is a Liverpool / Chelsea / Man Utd / Vile game on at the same time as ours. So need to look elsewhere - let me know any suggestions.

If others want to organise meets in their own local pub elsewhere in Cornwall I'll be happy to publicise them. I'll be setting up a new website next week:

To keep it simple I'll not be collecting subs, arranging trips to matches or booking coaches. As above, if anybody else wants to do that I'll be happy to pass on details.

Please drop me an email, or comment here with contact details, if you want to be added to my mailing list:


Saturday 3rd - We'll be watching the game at The Three Ferrets in Chapel Street St Ives. They have two screens and will be showing Liverpool on one and Blues on the other. See you there.

(Photo Credit: Bruker. Sourced from Wikimedia)

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