Saturday 27 December 2008

St Ives Visitors

I hope nobody minds – but I can’t help stereotyping some of our wonderful visitors. Visitors arrive all through the year and tend to fall into various groups.

As the usual convoy of 4 x 4s (SUVs whatever ?) crawls down Tregenna Hill this is definitely …... Middle Class Mummy Week !

With little Toby and Pandora safely strapped in the back of the Landcruiser, Hugo works as a producer for the BBC (so credit crunch proof !), Sarah teaches Reiki and is a stalwart of the local NCT in Islington. New Labour to the core they adore quaint St Ives.

With the smoking ban in place they can now safely pop into The Kiddleywink without risk of death (probably still won’t venture into The Three Ferrets just yet though) for a glass of white wine before heading back to the apartment on Porthmeor.

They can then leave their babysitter to tuck in T + P before heading out to Porthminster Beach Café or Alba.

Dress Code for St Ives:
Expensive hippy chic.

Shops in:
Cath Kidston
Julian Graves
Oxfam Bookshop
Co-Op (not slumming - its the FairTrade and The Guardian)

Tate St Ives
Hepworth Garden
New Millenniun Gallery
The Sloop

Will NOT be seen in:

The Balancing Eel
Tins and Things

Greatest misconceptions about St Ives:
Thinks that The Sloop is an authentic locals pub.

Favourite overheard pub conversation:
MCM “Do you have Chablis ?”
Friendly Barperson “No but we’ve got white wine …… or red.”
MCM “But is it Chablis ?”
Friendly Barperson “Not sure I’ll just check …”
Friendly Barperson “No its not but we’ve got white …… or red”
MCM “Oh ….”
Friendly Barperson “So that’ll be two glasses of white then


  1. Har, har!!!

    Balancing Eel - great!

    But so is the Oxfam bookshop.

    Tate and Hepworth — fantastic! I love them, especially as I have Tate membership and don't have to pay to get in. I practically live in the Hepworth.

    New Millennium is cold, sterile, and somehow intimidating if you have no intention or means of spending several thou on a nice piccy. Maybe that's how they like it.

  2. My mum works in Julian Graves