Friday 31 January 2014

St Ives BID - Final Proposal Published

St Ives BID - Final Proposal
St Ives BID - Final Proposal

St Ives BID is a proposal to raise money from a 2% compulsory business rates levy - to be paid by all businesses and organisations with a rateable value of £5000 or more.

They have now published their full proposal online.

The money raised will be spent on a programme of projects - scheduled over 5 years - that aim to improve the business environment in town. This is estimated at £150,000 per year.

All businesses affected will be able to vote on the proposal in April 2014. If a majority approve - everybody will have to pay the levy - even if they voted against.

Also - an important note for charities and voluntary groups in St Ives - quoting from the BID Proposal -

"12) Premises occupied by charities or non-profit making organisations, will be liable for the full BID levy. The exception to this is voluntary groups and charities with no commercial activities, schools, surgeries and hospitals; these organisations will not be liable for the levy."

If you are involved in a local non-profit organisation don't assume that you won't be affected. The definition of "no commercial activities" is open to interpretation. It would be in your interests to get involved and find out. You may also need to consult your members about which way to vote.

You can read the proposal in full here:
St Ives BID - Final Proposal

The BID Steering Group are hosting an "Information Event" on 27th February 2014 at St Ives Theatre 6.00 pm for 6.30 pm (prompt). A chance to learn more and have your say. Details and RSVP here:
St Ives BID - News

Some local businesses have set up a Facebook page to encourage debate and present all sides of the argument - you can get involved and join the debate here::
The BID Debate - St Ives

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