Friday 10 August 2012

St Ives - Exhibition Openings - This Weekend

St Ives Rooftops - Seb West

Three new exhibitions featuring St Ives artists open this weekend.

Coastlines - new work by Seb West and Glyn Macey.
Seb's massive linocut: 'St. Ives Rooftops' will be on display here for the first time. The piece has been over four years in the making, and contains well over a thousand hours of work.
Opening on Saturday (11th August 2012) from 7.00 pm at The Crypt Gallery on Norway Square. Runs until  Friday 24th August.
More info:
Seb West - Website

Affordable Art Show - work by St Ives Arts Club members at sensible and sometimes incredible prices.
Opening on Sunday (12th) from 6.00 pm at the club on Westcott's Quay. Runs until Thursday 30th August.
More info:
St Ives Arts Club - Website

Wood Vibrations - fine art by Lauren Sebastian.
Opening Sunday (12th) from 6.30 pm at Cafe Art on Royal Square. Runs until Friday 31st August.
More info:
Cafe Art - FaceBook Page

While you're in town over the weekend - two other galleries well worth visiting (they also have wonderful websites):

Hansel Gallery - Tregenna Hill (just a short step from Cafe Art and St Ives Arts Club).
Highly original work by Steve Petrucci Fox and Deryl Petrucci.
More info:
Steve Petrucci Fox - Website

Caroline Atkinson - Harbour Galleries Wharf Road (just a short step from The Crypt Gallery).
Beautiful Cornish landscapes and seascapes.
More info:
Caroline Atkinson - Website

Details of more exhibitions an other events in St Ives over the weekend and the coming weeks (including St Ives September Festival) on:
St Ives Cornwall - What's On

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