Saturday 18 June 2011

St Ives Shark

St Ives Shark - Its Out There Somewhere !

I've been bombarded with emails from various shark lovers and self-appointed marine conservation experts - concerned that St Ives is about to launch an armada of shark hunters -out to catch the St Ives Shark. One of them asking me to "call a halt to this shark-hunt !".

The well regarded and authorative national newspaper The Daily Star states that "Fishermen have booked out hotels in the resort, hoping to follow the feat of the hero cop in the first Jaws movie, played by Roy Scheider, 75, and kill it.".

According to The Star there is a £25,000 bounty on the shark's head.

I'd like to assure you that the shark is almost certainly safe and on its way home back to warmer waters.

If it really was out there - and there really was a £25k price on it - I can assure you that by now St Ives fishermen would have it caught and ready for auction on the harbour.

The Guardian  has a more balanced story with comment from our Mayor Ron Tulley:
The Guardian - St Ives Shark

Meanwhile all those shark hunters and journalists - you can enjoy a relaxed weekend in St Ives.


  1. I'm sure we would all have loved to have seen a shark auction on St. Ives harbour :o)

  2. I'd have enjoyed even more seeing it served up with a nice sauce and some fresh Cornish new potatoes !