Tuesday, 7 March 2017

St Ives Cornwall Blogs - Artists and Writers

St Ives Cornwall - Blogs
St Ives Cornwall - Blogs

It has always surprised me slightly, that in a town full of artists and writers, there relatively few St Ives Blogs. But - there are a few good ones - below is a selection - well worth browsing and reading.

St Ives Cornwall Blogs - Artists and Writers

Jo McIntosh - Textile Artist
Creative textiles and crafts - workshops and courses ......
Jo McIntosh - Textile Artist - Blog

Louise Donovan - Textile Artist
My work comes out of my life journey ......
Louise Donovan - Textile Artist - Blog

Love Stitching Red
Carolyn Saxby - textiles and photography.
Love Stitching Red - Blog

Rob Donovan - Author
Unrobing the Emperors and other matters of concern ......
Rob Donovan - Author - Blog

Bobby Wotnot - Artist
A daily blog to show what the life of an artist is ......
Bobby Wotnot - Artist - Blog

Allotment With A Sea View
My own writings about growing on my St Ives allotment ......
Allotment With A Sea View - Blog

The Old Pier - St Ives Cornwall

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  1. Thanks for everything you do to promote St. Ives and thanks for the lovely mention x

  2. Sharing the same sentiment as Carolyn - all that you do and have done is very much appreciated - many thanks, Steve, for your expertise ...